Cleaning of Shoes & Bags

O-Three implemented a highly effective and gentle Avrora shoe cleaning method in 2017.
It’s great for a wide range of products, including suede, leather, nubuck shoes, textile tennis shoes, faux leather shoes, suitcases, backpacks, and sports bags.

We know how to take good care of your UGGI or Timberland boots, and any other suede shoes. The Avrora method also works great for handbags and other leather items.
The Avrora method includes 6 stages:
  1. Contamination aspiration from the outside and inside of an item;
  2. Removing difficult stains (grease or oil stains, paint stains, traces of poplar buds);
  3. Wet cleaning of the item and contamination removal (salt stains and lines, reagent stains);
  4. Risk-free delicate drying;
  5. Removing bad odors and disinfecting the inside of the shoes. Antibacterial treatment;
  6. Splash and water-proofing.

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