New Service: Fireproofing of Fabrics

Fireproofing of fabrics was a long-felt need which we’ve finally satisfied this year. Now O-Three is offering fireproofing of all types of fabrics, including drapes, carpets, clothes, and underwear. Our fireproofing method ensures Group II fire protection according to TR PB FZ of 22.07.2008 № 123 Art.136, Art. 150 GOST R 53292-2009.2. Fireproofing performance is stable from 5 to 20 years, depending on the humidity levels in the room where the material is kept.

Fire retardants are absorbed by fabrics forming a layer rich in active components which prevents combustion, flame spreading and material burning. Special non-toxic saturants improve fabric properties. Fireproof treated fabrics can be ironed without losing their fire-resistant properties. All fireproof treated fabrics are tested with a PMP-1 fire-resistance measuring device by VNIIPO.

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