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Do you want to know why some businesses succeed despite economic crises and chaos, while others fail? It’s not risk taking or creativity that leads to success. The most successful companies are those which are more disciplined, rely on experience, and always play it safe. By offering you to buy an O-Three franchise, we offer you a purely scientific approach to the dry cleaning process together with our many years’ experience in the dry cleaning industry. We’re playing it safe for you.

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Our reputation is very important for us, so we choose our partners very carefully. All O-Three dry cleaners are businesses committed to delivering high-quality services. They’re businesses that really work. Our business management approach is built to ensure high quality from the start and is then adjusted to reach specific goals and objectives.

Our business is fun because it encompasses different activities.

On the one hand, it’s similar to production. It’s not easy to run a dry cleaner and it requires managing multiple tasks covering such areas as finding a suitable building, handing technical issues, preparing project and engineering documentation, commissioning, implementing modifications, process activities, personnel management, tax optimization, marketing, working with contactors. O-Three offers its franchise to those who know what production is and how difficult it is to make a business successful.

On the other hand, it’s about promoting and selling a service. We don’t make empty promises, and we never start promoting a service unless we know for sure it’s up and running. This allows us to achieve high customer satisfaction. The marketing strategy is critical to success.

Initial collaboration terms are discussed with each new O-Three partner and personal terms can be offered.

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