O-Three is the first ozone dry cleaner in Russia. Founded in 2009, O-Three has been using the traditional dry cleaning, stain removal and wet heat methods as well as ozone treatment.
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O-Three is looking for new dry cleaner and drop off facilities to meet its business growth needs.
Property requirements for a dry cleaner drop off:
8 to 24 sq. meters;
Moscow or Moscow Region (within 15 km range from MKAD);
High pedestrian and car traffic;
Possibility to install a business sign on the facade of the building.
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Patera, OOO

INN / KPP 7714760507 / 771401001

OGRN 5087746562723 OKPO 89561636

Registered office address:

17A, Chernyakhovskogo Street, Room 1, Moscow, 125319 Russia

Business address:

1, Skladochnaya Street, Building 1, Moscow, 127018 Russia


+7 (926) 308-71-70, +7 (495) 788-30-18, +7 (495) 204-12-66

Director General: N.V. Bagrets

Bank details:

Account № 40702810900000013919
in VTB 24 (PAO)
Correspondent account 30101810100000000716
BIK 044525716

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