First Car Dry Cleaner by O-Three

O-Three’s growing expertise inspired the managers to open a car dry cleaner.

The O-Three car dry cleaner is a separate project. The manager was provided proper general technical training and has practical skills in car dealerships and materials used in cars.

The O-Three car dry cleaner is:

1. One car bay, well-lit and ventilated

To get the best results, it’s important to determine the type of contamination and fabric which can’t be done without good lighting.

2. Ongoing humidity control

For products for car dry cleaning to be effective, the required environmental conditions need to be maintained. Have you ever seen those white spots and lines on upholstery after interior dry cleaning? It happens when dry cleaning is done in a room with high humidity causing moisture to stay inside the material.

3. Full compliance with process requirements

Like any other dry cleaner, a car dry cleaner operates according to an established process. The go-to book of the project and process manager is Aleksandra Fedorova’s Process of Dry Cleaning of Items, a great reference and guide book for everyone who wants to do their job well.

4. Often the only opportunity to correct the mistakes of others

The first clients of the O-Three car dry cleaner were cars which had been to one of those car washes where you can use coupons to have your car interior dry cleaned. It doesn’t mean all such car washes are bad. It only means the owner of the car doesn’t care about the price of dry cleaning services. So O-Three operators do their best to remove traces of dry cleaning products from your car seats and other interior elements.

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