Last Day of Work of O-Three Dry Cleaner Located at 19, Chernyakhovskogo Street, Moscow

The dry cleaner closed at 6 p.m. as usual, and at 6.15 p.m. a team of riggers and engineers got to work. They unplugged the ‘warm’ equipment preparing to move it to a new location.

The O-Three dry cleaner was moving. It was a truly unique operation.

The task was pretty clear: to move and install the equipment at the new location so that on Monday the dry cleaner could continue working with its corporate clients and drop offs.

Professional riggers were engaged. Their supervisor had almost 20 years of experience in moving dry cleaners. Yet the riggers found this project very unusual. He admitted it was the first time they had to move the equipment overnight and everything had to be done so fast: they just turned it off, loaded it, unloaded it, and turned it back on.

They installed the equipment at the new spacious location in the middle of the night. On Saturday July 2016, a team of engineers arrived to perform commissioning activities and functional testing.

On August 1, the O-Three dry cleaner started working at the new location, at Stankolit Business Park located at 1, Skladochnaya Street, Building 1.

Local dry cleaning businesses, O-Three’s friends from a blog Prischepka, watched the moving operation closely.

We here at O-Three are really grateful to everyone who helped us make it happen.

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