Laundry Symbols

When buying clothes, people think about the style, material, cut, color, if the clothes fit them, if they match one another, and how they’ll look when completed with some accessories or jewelry. Often people pay attention to the brand but that’s not the point.

There’s one thing missing from this list. It’s that thing that can tell you a lot about the past and present of a garment, and predict its future. We’re talking about laundry symbols which are applied to the label.

Clothing manufacturers have been using laundry symbols a lot to camouflage low quality.

Thus, some garments have labels showing that the item must not be washed, bleached, ironed, dried, dry cleaned, etc. What’s wrong with this item? It is disposable? Looks like it. When you buy garments like this, you agree to it when you forget to check out the label.

O-Three suggests that all customers check labels before buying any items of clothing, especially expensive ones. Remember that the devil is in the details. So always make sure to see what laundry symbols are applied to the label.

What do you do if you’ve already bought such an item? Don’t panic and see what it’s made of and clean it accordingly. If you’re still confused, consult specialists which have to deal with and solve such problems on a daily basis. Welcome to O-Three! We’re always happy to help you! Let’s live clean!

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